Journalist, public figure, Russia

Maxim Shevchenko is one of the leading Russian journalistic experts on ethno-cultural and religious politics. Member of the Council under the President of the Russian Federation for Ethnic Relations, chief editor of the Internet portal “Caucasian policy.”

Born in 1966 in Moscow. A graduate of the Moscow Aviation Institute with a specialization in “Engineering and system analysis of microelectronic devices”.

In 1993–95 he worked as a teacher of the history of Russia and Western Europe in the first classical orthodox school “Radonezh-Yasnevo”.

Since 1987 he has worked in independent journalism. He worked for “Messenger of Christian Democracy”, “The First of September”, “NezavisimayaGazeta”. Project author and executive editor of “NG-religion” (1995–02), and project author and editor of the magazine “Meaning”. As a special correspondent on “hot spots” forNezavisimayaGazeta he worked in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Chechnya, Dagestan, former Yugoslavia, Israel and Palestine.

In 2000, he created the Center for Strategic Studies of Religion and Politics of the Modern World, an independent non-profit expert-analytical community that connects and involves experts and analysts specializing in the problems of contemporary political, socio-mythological and religious consciousness.

On the Russian Channel One,  Maxim Shevchenko conducted the popular programs “Judge for Yourself”, “In the Context”, as well as “Choice of Faith” and “Strategy “programs at the state-run federal radio station,Mayak.  Author of many publications on religious, cultural and special military topics.

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