Vladimir RERIKH

Vladimir RERIKH

Vladimir RERIKH

Director, screenwriter, TV journalist,
Laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Germany-Kazakhstan

Vladimir Rerikh was born in 1958 in Kazakhstan. He studied philology and jurisprudence. Worked as a school teacher, director of educational television, assistant of the documentary director, editor.

He worked in a leading position in the Kazakhstan agency Khabar, conducted a number of author programs on several TV channels. He was the producer of the Eurasian Media Forum.

Vladimir is a screenwriter and director of non-fiction films. He was awarded the title of laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the documentary film Polygon (together with the cinematographer O. Rymzhanov).

After moving to Germany, he was a grantee of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and directed the project in the holding company Werner Media.

Currently, Vladimir Rerikh, having German citizenship and residence permit in Kazakhstan, lives in two countries – in Berlin and Almaty. He is a columnist of the Kazakhstan weekly Karavan.

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