Andrey Buzarov

Andrey Buzarov

Legal counsel, human rights activist, journalist, political scientist, Ukraine

Graduate of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Diplomatic Academy. Member of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine. Member of the Public Council in the Foreign Affairs Committee of the VerkhovnaRada of Ukraine (Ukrainian parliament). Member of the Committee on International Relations of the National Association of Advocates of Ukraine. Member of the Public Council under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. Member of the Ukrainian Foreign Policy Association. A Kievstratpro analytical group expert.

Andrey Buzarov is the author of several books, articles and blogs on various philosophical, legal, ethnographic, social, historical, political, international and other issues. He advocates the need to develop Ukraine’s international relations with the Asian, African and Arab states and not to focus narrowly on the western direction. He attaches great importance to the development of international journalism in Ukraine as well as the need to master foreign languages. As a political and a legal advisor, he works in various political projects and collaborates with individual public figures.

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