Clark Plexico

Clark Plexico

President of International Strategies Inc., USA

Clark Plexico is an American consultant currently based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Mr. Plexico works with corporations, NGOs and government officials assisting them with meeting some of the cultural challenges of globalization and developing global leaders.

He understands that we need leaders who can communicate across borders, appreciate cultural similarities, celebrate differences, and believe in a win-win approach to business, government, and their own individual lives and relationships.

Mr. Plexico is a former North Carolina State Senator and served as State President for AT&T, Managing Director of an international company based in Hong Kong and London, Country Director in Uzbekistan and Director of Political Processes in Afghanistan for the National Democratic Institute (NDI), an educator in Iran, and CEO of People to People International – an organization with members in over 100 countries.

Mr. Plexico is one of the founders and first facilitators for the Central Eurasia Leadership Alliance, a multicultural initiative, promoting regional cooperation and fostering the development of the most forward-thinking, mid-career leaders in the Caucasus, Central Asia, Afghanistan and Mongolia. He has also served as a faculty member for the Middle East Leadership Alliance, and facilitator for the Southeast Asia Leadership Alliance.

Some of Mr. Plexico’s seminars and workshops are:

  • Living a Life of Purpose – Understanding Yourself, Others, Systems, and Authority
  • Communicating and Negotiating Successfully Across Cultures – How to Find Win-Win Solutions
  • Politics as Public Service – Serving Your Constituents First and Your Party Second
  • Organizing Effective Advocacy Campaigns for Your Organization
  • Skills for Successful Leadership in a Globalized World
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