Jerzy Wenderlich

Jerzy Wenderlich

Deputy Chair of Democratic Left Alliance Political Party (SLD), Poland

Jerzy Wenderlich, Polish parliamentarian, was born in the city of Torun, graduated from the Higher Pedagogical School in Bydgoszcz.and completed postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science of the University of Warsaw.

In 1980, he joined the PZPR (Communist Party) and worked as a journalist. He was the editor-in-chief of the student newspaper “Meritum”, journalist of the newspaper “GazetaPomorska” (“PrimorskayaGazeta”), as well as the editor-in-chief of the weekly “TygodnikTelewizyjny” (“Television Weekly”).

In 1993, Wenderlichwas first elected to the Sejm (Parliament) as a deputy for the Social Democratic Party “Democratic Left Alliance” (SLD).   He has since served as Vice-Marshal of the Sejm, Chairman of the Polish-Kazakh parliamentary group and Deputy Chairman of SLD party.

He speaks Polish and English and is the author of “How to become a minister?”

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