Kateryna Serhatskova

Kateryna Serhatskova

Journalist, TV Host, CEO of Zaborona.com, Ukraine

Kateryna Serhatskova is a journalist specialisingin Ukrainian and Russian news topics, writing for Ostpol.de, Eurozine, Foreign Affairs, Ukrainian Pravda, etc. This year she launched a media project Zaborona.com on uncovered and taboo topics such as domestic violence, neo-Nazism, terrorism, freedom of speech etc.

Worked as a war correspondent in the east of Ukraine on the Russian-Ukrainian war, on both sides and interviewed separatist fighters.Winner of the 2015 Kurt Schork Award (Local Reporter category) and shortlisted for the 2017 Thomson Foundation Young Journalist Award.

Published a book of war reports (‘The war in three letters: Chronicles of confrontation’, 2015). Covered the war against ISIS in Syria and Iraq.Interviewed Russian speaking ISIS fighters, as well as fighters from Chechnya, Dagestan, Uzbekistan and other regions of the former Soviet Union.

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