Noreen Jameel

Noreen Jameel

Head of Foreign Operation for Vice News Tonight on HBO, UK

Noreen is a 20-year veteran of International broadcast news.  Most recently set up the Foreign Operation for Vice News Tonight on HBO. Helping to shape and develop the foreign news editorial, direction and create an infrastructure of a new nightly news show from scratch.

Noreen spent much of her life working in far-flung locations in varying reporting roles. Ultimately specializing in Africa, Middle East and Sub Continental affairs. Working over the years as producer, bureau chief and Executive Editor on the foreign desk for major news networks such as Reuters, APTN, and NBC. Noreen has worked on three major media startups, notably one of the very first people to start the Al Jazeera English channel back in 2005, arguably one the best International news providers in the world today.

Born in Germany to Kenyan parents of Asian origin, growing up around the world, educated in theUnited Kingdom – Noreen is testament to the idea of a global village. She speaks six languages and is happiest in places where the dust pervades and anything is possible… if you can just find the way. If you ask her, her heart firmly rests under the thorny branches of East Africa’s acacia trees.

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