Reham Khan

Reham Khan

Journalist, Writer, Social Activist and Producer, UK-Pakistan.

Reham Khan is a British Pakistani journalist & author.

She is an internationally recognised and highly respectable personality within the media, journalism and broadcasting industry (particularly in Pakistan, India, Turkey and the United Kingdom). Her journey in broadcasting began in 2006 at Legal TV and catapulted her from facing the camera as a mainstream presenter in the UK working with the BBC to a prime time news host on Pakistan’s top News Channels.

She writes op-eds and articles for English & Urdu publications, with her most recent columns being for The Print.

Her autobiography simply titled Reham Khan is due for release in a few weeks time. It is tipped to be the biggest book coming out of Pakistan in recent years ahead of the elections.

The story of her extraordinary struggles, navigating different cultures as a single parent of three, a journalist, a politician’s former wife and now a prominent political voice in a country plagued by myths perpetuated by a very hyper media has been documented in her autobiography.

Reham is a social activist, a child rights advocate and an advocate of women’s rights & women’s empowerment. She is the founder and chairperson of REHAM KHAN FOUNDATION which is an independent, apolitical and non-partisan organization working for Street Children, women’s rights, health care facilities, basic amenities, and support during various disasters and emergency situations.

Rehamis credited with the revival of Pakistani cinema with the success of her first film Janaan in 2016.

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