Tira Shubart

Tira Shubart

Award winning space journalist, member of the Royal Astronomical Society, Ambassador for the Science Museum in London.

Tira Shubart is an award winning London based journalist who has covered news and produced documentaries in over 50 countries for international broadcasters including BBC News, Canadian Broadcasting Corp, Christian Science Monitor, NBC, ABC and Frontline News TV. She has worked extensively in Africa, the Middle East and Eastern/Central Europe covering revolutions, wars, politics and economic stories.

Tira’s passion is space related stories. She is a member of the Royal Astronomical Society and worked on the ground-breaking ‘Cosmonaut Exhibition’ at the Science Museum (London) 2015-2016 and is now an ambassador for the Science Museum. She has done webcasts with ESA—the European Space Agency—with astronauts from the International Space Station and interviewed many cosmonauts and astronauts for a forthcoming work.

Tira is in demand as a journalist trainer internationally for organisations including the BBC, Aga Khan Graduate School of Media & Communications, Al Jazeera, Media Action and more. She is co-founder of Wildlife Workshop which provides local journalists improved craft skills to cover conservation issues.

Her book on post-revolutionary Iran, ‘Lifting the Veil’ was written after a decade of covering Iran. Tira also writes comedy including a seven-part series, ‘Taking the Flak’, for BBC2, filmed in Africa, on the adventures of journalists covering a civil war in a fictional country.

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