Zaure Rozmat

Zaure Rozmat

Zaure Rozmat

CEO, The Steppe

Zaure Rozmat is a founder of local Kazakhstani media startup The Steppe. She was one of the first business people who decided to run the media outlet as business and made it successful. The Steppe has been operating for only two years since 2016, but it has already gained its recognition among journalistic society of Kazakhstan. The outlet focuses on education, technologies, cultural economics and tourism. The main goal of The Steppe is to provide people with a high-quality content and educate the society to look beyond gossips, tabloids and clickbait. The Steppe were also the pioneers in introducing native advertising to the local market and successfully partnered with both Kazakhstani and international brands.

Previously Zaure was a shareholder of Kids Lab, an entertaining mall area for children. The unique concept of the Lab attracted many visitors and quickly became successful. However, Zaure decided to serve the society in a different way, sold her shares and entered the media market.

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