May 11, 2018 – Almaty

Seven master-classes form the first-day ‘curtainraiser’ for the program of the anniversary Eurasian Media Forum

The fifteenth Eurasian Media Forum will be held in the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Almaty on May 22-24. The Forum is an international communication platform established in 2002, which annually brings together more than 500 delegates from 60 countries and from all the world’s continents.

An extensive program is designed to cover three full days and includes many relevant topics and well-known speakers – more than 50 international and Kazakh experts – public officials, political scientists, media representatives.

The first day of the Forum is scheduled for expert master-classes, which will be conducted in non-stop mode from 09.00 to 19.30.

Yusuf Omar, Founder of “#Hashtag our stories” company (UK), will open the program by presenting his workshop on the topic “From mobile journalism to social virtual reality”.

The speaker will tell how modern technologies – affordable, high-speed Internet and smartphones – change the vision of the media and journalism. We should note that “#Hashtag our stories” company works with independent communities and creates hyper-local projects of mobile journalism in existing news agencies, to diversify the ways of news coverage.

Armed conflicts, military actions, counter-terrorist operations – all these frightening events are an integral part of the daily work of military correspondents. Shahida Tulaganova (UK), military journalist and documentarian, who has been working for the BBC for 14 years, will share her broad experience of reporting on the “flash points”.

As part of the workshop “Working and Reporting in Conflict Zones”, Shahida will talk about working with regular armies and armed groups, on the specific features of military reports, the physical dangers and the psychological trauma associated with the work in this area.

“The Baikonur Effect” – is the name of the workshop that will be presented at the Eurasian Media Forum by Tira Shubart (UK) – international journalist specializing in space topics.

The speaker will not only share the experience of creating theme news stories, but also will talk about the changing world of space research, about changes in our view of the planet, the solar system and the universe. The name of the workshop is not accidental – it is Kazakhstan’s Baikonur cosmodrome that has become the center of changed ideas about space. Tira’s presentation will include photographs and videos of historical space events, and will also allow the audience to take a look into the future and to see which space technologies will be introduced in the coming years.

In the era of mass communication development, when it is often enough for the formation of public opinion to provide news content appealing to personal beliefs and emotions of the addressees, such concepts as truth and objective facts become more relevant than ever. Two speakers from Poland – Iwona Reichardt, Editor-in-Chief of “New Eastern Europe” magazine, and Bartosz Rydlinksi, Political Scientist, Aleksander Kwasniewski “Amicus Europea Foundation” representative – will present the topic “Media ethics in the post-truth era”..

Experts will discuss the influence of trending news, distortion of facts, fake news as well as lies in the media and its excessive dissemination, which has become real today due to new technologies. The workshop will be based on real examples and cases.

“Mass media alone. Convergent journalism in the era of digital media”: the master-class of Viktor Yelisseyev, Kazakhstan’s media manager and producer, Founder and Director of Select Communication Group, will be devoted to the most crucial global trend in the media world – digitation of media and formation of new approaches to the creation of on demand informational product. Within the training, the speaker will consider the global challenges of modern multimedia journalism, its status-quo in our country, will talk about the key trends in media consumption, modern media formats – the content of the Digital Era.

A special section will be devoted to the most important practical tools, technologies and professional skills of the modern journalist, regardless of the media form. We should note that the Eurasian Resources Group (ERG) – the leading international diversified company in the field of extraction and processing of natural resources – will be the partner of this workshop.

Our British guest Ryan Smith, Commissioning Editor of CNN Global Projects, will continue the first day of Eurasian media Forum. Within his report on “The future of news”, Ryan will talk about CNN’s innovative approach to storytelling, the role of reliable brands in the fake news era and how CNN uses data to identify and inform the specific target public.

It should be noted that today CNN is one of the most relevant sources of the global mobile and video news. Having first achieved success as a round-the-clock television broadcasting network, later the TV company has become the world’s leading digital information platform, and today it is the No.1 world news brand with a monthly coverage of nearly 200 million people around the world.

And the final workshop of the first day of EAMF 2018 will be presented by Gizem Yarbil Gurol – UN Women Communications and Advocacy Specialist for Europe and Central Asia, journalist and documentary producer (Turkey) – with the support of “UN-Women” Structure in Kazakhstan. Interactive workshop on “Gender balance in the media” will enable media representatives to evaluate their newsline from a gender perspective.

Mass media play an important role both in the establishment of social stereotypes, norms and behaviour models which sometimes allow discrimination and violence against women and girls, and in combating these phenomena. When journalists and media try to provide balance in covering the activities of women and men in society, they open new opportunities for all. That is why the media are important partners in promoting gender equality.

The XV Eurasian Media Forum will be held on the theme, “15 years of Evolution: How the world is changing and how the world changes us”, by which the organizers plan to emphasize the increasing role of EAMF as the effective and modern tool for creating the image of the Republic of Kazakhstan abroad. The scale and international level of this event are an integral part of the mission on integration of our country into the global media scene – due to the Forum, Kazakhstan has become famous in the international community among the key experts, global media, public opinion leaders. Thus, the Forum’s idea has been widely support among the leading international media – more than 1500 representatives of reputable world media, including Euronews, CNN, BBC, Associated Press Television News, Reuters, Bloomberg, New York Times, Al Jazeera English, ITAR -TASS, RIA Novosti, RBC, Russia Today, First Channel, Cihan IA etc. participated in EAMF.

This year, the following topics will be discussed within the extensive program of the Forum: “Evolution of international relations: global cooling”, “Evolution of the environment: imminent disaster or transition to green economy”, “Evolution of trust in society: how to manage public confidence it in the modern world?”, “Evolution of information technology: from facts to fake news. Should we be worried?”, “Evolution of the mass media: the rise of the blogger – threat or progress?”, “Evolution of values and moralily: who forms our new sense of global consciousness”.

The speakers of the anniversary event are the statesman Matteo Renzi, ex-Prime Minister, Senator of the Italian Parliament from Tuscany; Harlem Desir, OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media; Roger Fisk, US political strategist, key adviser to both presidential campaigns of Barack Obama; Ksenia Sobchak, public and political figure, journalist and TV anchor; Khatia Dekanoidze, former Minister of Education of Georgia; Renaud Girard, French expert on international politics, Le Figaro newspaper columnist; Tetsunari Iida, Director of the INS; Sofiko Shevardnadze, Russian journalist, producer and TV presenter; Elaine Konkievich, Head of the UN Women Multi-Country Office in Central Asia; Noreen Jameel, Head of Foreign Operation for Vice News Tonight on HBO.

“Samruk-Kazyna” National Welfare Fund” JSC is the general partner of the XV Eurasian Media Forum, “Samruk-Kazyna Trust” Social Development Foundation is the social partner.


Registration for the XV Eurasian Media Forum is available till May 18 here: eurasian-media-forum-2018-registration-page

Places are limited.